2021 was a banner year for Dynasty Energy Services as their Predator® patent-pending section milling technology led the way in the US offshore abandonment market.

Predator® was developed to meet the need to mitigate sustained casing pressure, provide the best environment for barrier placement and save cost through less rig time by saving trips in the well. The Predator technology enables stabilized multiple string section milling while ensuring no harm to outer casing strings regardless of casing eccentricities.

The Predator® along with the Dynasty DSM® conventional section mill logged over 3000 feet of milling in 2021, completing over 90 windows, including 25 dual-string section milled windows. These windows were used for successful barrier placement allowing multiple operators to abandon several platforms in the offshore Gulf of Mexico and California.

As we approach the 2022 new year, the Dynasty offering continues to grow. Additional section milling projects are underway, including the first expansion of Predator® into the international market.