Cut Production Tubing above production packer and pull/lay down production tubing and accessories. Design & execute fishing procedure to retrieve production packer and tubing.

Louisiana Inland Waters – Vermillion Bay

Well required the existing production packer and tubing to be pulled for workover on well. There are always many contingencies and variables regarding the extraction of production packers and tubing.

E-Line found a restriction at 1672’, and a cut was required 1670’. The recovered production tubing was laid down, the originally planned cut at 3,200’ was performed, and the remainder of the production tubing pulled/laid down. Picked up with Overshot and tripped in hole. Latched and jarred production packer free and pulled out of hole. Monitored wellbore while pulling out of hole. Made a final bit and scraper run to 4600’ and circulated/conditioned the wellbore in preparation to continue Operator’s proposed work over procedures.

The Production Tubing and Packer were retrieved in one trip, thanks to the experienced Dynasty Fishing Supervisors on location, which allowed the Operator to continue workover operations on time and under budgeted AFE.

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