LOCATION: Wray, Colorado, USA

Sand line parted with over 300’ of sand line remaining inside of 4 ½” ll.6# casing. Rig company ran a bit in well in attempt to “push down” the parted sand line below the perforations. This resulted in a “bird’s nest” of sand line, balled up inside the casing and packed tightly to the casing ID.

Remove parted sand line from Wellbore. Run Scru-Grab tool to clear out the “birds nest,” and pull the remaining sand line from the hole to the satisfaction of the customer. The fishing job was successful and completed in 3 trips.

Wireline Scru-Grab with a 3 7/8” OD stop plate to keep wire from getting up around the jars
Bumper Jar
Oil Jar
4 Drill Collars
Crossover Sub
Recovered Sand Line

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